It’s Our Season to Blossom!

Thankful Journey Day 2

While I was writing on the topic of toxic emotions affecting our atmosphere, I was reminded of my orchid that’s sitting on my desk which I received as a thank you gift from a client a little over a year ago. I do not have a green thumb at all! Every plant I’ve ever had died. Cause of death: the wrong thumb. 🤣🤣

I left the orchid on my desk for months with no sign of life. I procrastinated on throwing the plant away based on two swaying thoughts.

  • One, I was being lazy.
  • Two, deep down I thought maybe, just maybe it would grow again.

Weeks went by and to my surprise, a client who was at my desk commented on how beautiful my orchid looked. Now if you know what an orchid looks like you would know that my orchid was far from beautiful. This is a picture of a beautiful orchid.

But this is what my orchid looked like…


Hmm… Now you tell me, does this look beautiful? I wondered what her definition of beautiful was? I asked her if she was sure. She replied, “Just look at the green leaves, they are strong”. She also pointed to the little tiny bumps on the shoot of the plant that resembled pimples on a persons’ face and said, “they are buds getting ready to bloom”. But I’m still not a believer at this point. I did not see what she was seeing. It just didn’t make sense. This is what I saw…


A lifeless dried up plant that was dead and on it’s way to the dump. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I admit I did water it after my encounter with the informative client, aka home botanist. Something interesting happened the following week. I looked closely at the orchid and saw what you see below. Pregnant buds getting ready to pop open. I got really excited. It was definitely a conversation piece for most clients.

As I starred at the plant I heard another lesson. “This orchid is growing at the same pace as you. From the moment you made up in your heart to not operate in negativity and rid your aura of toxicity you began to create an atmosphere where things can grow”.

The scripture says we prosper and are in good health to the degree that our soul prospers. Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. I did not realize that my thoughts and my emotions were affecting my space which stifled my growth. Have you ever heard someone say you have a strong aura? What they’re basically saying is your atmosphere is tangible enough to reach others. When I realized my shift was allowing my plant to grow, something I never knew I could do, faith arose within me.

God was using this plant as a teaching moment again. I just love when he does that. Although to others we look lifeless and useless. To God, we look absolutely beautiful as the lady mentioned. He sees our potential and sees our future and Hope’s we see ourselves as he does. It kind of reminds me of when the prophet Jeremiah had a conversation with God in regards to his purpose. God revealed a vision of a tree to Jeremiah and asked him, “what do you see?” Apparently, Jeremiah replied correctly because God told him he had the right answer and confirmed that because he saw as God did, God was now ready to perform every promise given to Jeremiah. Every word was about to come true.

We might not always see ourselves as God sees us. But when we know that he loves us it’s easier to trust Him in the process. When we align ourselves with him and his will we then allow his promises to flow to us.

When we seek, we will find. When we ask, we will receive, and when we knock the door will open. But this is the thing. Those orchid roots were searching and getting out of their comfort zone to do so. The roots weren’t getting what it needed so it began to stretch out and find it elsewhere. The plant was even outgrowing the pot it was in. The orchids roots had outgrown the pot. It’s time for us to get out of the old pot that was holding us back from exponential growth and get replanted into a larger one. It’s time for God to enlarge our territory. But if you’re not ASK-ing (Ask, Seek, Knock), you won’t receive.

I also learned that orchids hibernate during the fall season. Coming into the month of April, my orchid was getting ready to be featured. We like the orchid are about to be showcased. If this does not excite you I don’t know what will! Did you hear me? You are getting ready to be featured! A star is born and it’s your movie premiere. Go ahead and get your best outfit and get ready to walk the red carpet. It’s our time, it is truly our season!

I’m so #happy and #grateful that it’s my season to be featured!

What are you #thankful for?


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