The Proof Is On It’s Way.

I got excited when I saw the text that my #proof copy of my newest book “Thank You For The Ice Cream”, shipped today!!! I will have it in my hands tomorrow!

The word PROOF stood out to me. Proof means anything serving as evidence,

  • As an adjective it’s evidence sufficient to establish something; impenetrable, impervious, or invulnerable.
  • As a verb it’s used to test; examine for flaws, errors, etc. To check against a standard or standards.

So the way I see it, this copy is irrefutable evidence that my book is real. It went from a thought to a physical substance. Now although my book is not complete, I have evidence or a proof copy that it at least exists. I’m now able to show people something even though it’s not the finished product. I have proof! And the fact that it has been shipped and is on the way gives me even more excitement in the guarantee that it will be in my hand by the delivery date given. I can track my package too! God guarantees that the vision will not be one day late! The scripture says that from the moment Daniel set his heart to understand, and to humble himself before God, his words were heard but the angel ran into great opposition which delayed Daniels answer for twenty-one days. No matter how many times I check the tracking it’s not going to speed up the delivery time.

Just like when a woman is pregnant within her first trimester, there are no SIGNS, no proof of life because she is not showing a big pop belly yet but the blood test she takes shows proof that she is pregnant. Then when she hears the heartbeat for the first time is another proof that a baby is growing inside. But we do not want to rush a pregnancy and deliver the baby prematurely because that baby will not be as healthy as it would if it were to go full-term.

I want to encourage you today. Wait I say, on the Lord and again I say wait. Be patient and of good courage, you don’t want to rush your purpose, your dream, your vision. It will speak and it will not be late.

Thank Him while in the waiting period and stay focused on the proof. I admonish you to look for signs of proof all around you. I promise you they are there if you are willing to see them. Seek, look for it and you WILL find!

I was sharing with my husband these beautifully orchestrated encounters with different people and realized how frequently they were happening. Then I said, “the contractions are getting closer”. I did not put two and two together until I said that. Do you see the signs in your life? -You have the proof, the belly is big, the due date is here and the contractions have started.

When my contractions were close enough and I was dilated enough that’s when the doctor said it was time. When he saw that everything was lining up he put his scrubs on. When God sees you in alignment with his word then he is ready to perform the miracle like he told the prophet Jeremiah.

The question is, are you in alignment or is this a false call and you just have Braxton Hicks?

How did I know the difference between Braxtons and the real ones? The Braxton hicks go away after a while but the real contractions start getting closer and closer, stronger and stronger where you can barely stand up straight anymore because you are doubled over by the intense pain. The Braxton Hicks are just getting you prepared for the final act. Are you one of those people that will constantly run to the hospital whenever you feel a slight pain only to be sent back home because it was a false alarm. Stop wasting your energy on false alarms and prepare yourself for the manifestation!

I know your uncomfortable, I know your not feeling yourself these days, I know you can’t do or wear what you used to but for the JOY that is set before you, endure! This too shall pass. Your body will go back to normal, you may have some stretch marks but that is only to remind you of that moment in life so you never forget how you’ve been stretched beyond your comfort zone. How you carried and protected what God entrusted you with. And how you will continue to labor in the faith over what is rightfully yours.

I am so #happy and #grateful that God chose me to carry his word. He’s graced me and given me the strength to give birth to it! I choose to be happy no matter how hurt I may feel because I know the greater is near and God would never break a promise.

What are you #thankful for?



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I love writing and sharing a day in the life of an ex stay-at-home mom...ME. :) I have found a new passion- BLOGGING and loving it! I should've started a long time ago! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing. Blessings!

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