Not Easy, But Worth It!

Dearly beloved, I want you to know, when you are the first to walk an unknown and untrodden path, it can be scary. You’re not sure what to expect.

Understand you will get scathed by uncultivated, overgrown grass and weeds. Side-eyed by watchers. Criticized by naysayers who are fearful of change. You will be ridiculed by the envious. At times you will be overlooked and misused because purpose is not known. ⁣They crucified the savior of the world unknowingly, why would it be different for you?

However, God sees and knows and goes before you. He enlightens your path and orders your steps, don’t be confused. You are Not mistaken nor forgotten. You will be respected by all after you have trodden the path. Making it easier for others to walk in the steps you’ve plowed. ⁣

Some will not acknowledge your strength nor applaud your work openly. The enemy has sealed their lips in hopes to discourage your perseverance. Don’t be fooled by it. In secret they are awed. ⁣

1Peter 5:10 “Now the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will personally restore, establish, strengthen, and support you after you have suffered a little”.⁣

God will send help, encouragement and strength. Many will come to your rising and in humbleness they will serve you. They will love you because you first loved them. 💞They are grateful that you stayed your course and endured your cross releasing them into their destiny. ⁣

Your labor is always noted by the one who matters.📝 It is not in vain. You are a powerful force creating a sanctuary for many.🙏 Your seed will rise up and call you blessed. Your name will be known from generation to generation. Those that have not known you yet will run to you saying they have waited for you. They will say, they were praying for you to rescue them. They will know you by the spirit. Flesh cannot discern it. It’s Not by Might, Nor by Power, but by His Spirit. ⁣

Tears of joy will flow from your eyes when your paths cross because this day was what you longed for. This was the vision that spoke to you in hiding. That will be one moment of many, when you see the fruit of your labor. ⁣
Continue onward and upward my brother and sister. Your reward is great. ⁣

The laborers are few but the harvest is plenty. Don’t be intimidated by the faces. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of support, the lack of 👍, your value is not determined by the plethera of ❤’s. Your worth is calculated by the jewels in your spiritual crown👑, the lives you have freed. Focus on these. It’s harvest time! Get ready to gather your portion from the seeds you have sown. ❤🙏🙌 ⁣

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Published by Mari Benning

I love writing and sharing a day in the life of an ex stay-at-home mom...ME. :) I have found a new passion- BLOGGING and loving it! I should've started a long time ago! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing. Blessings!

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