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Let’s Be Honest…

It's not always easy to wake up every single day with a happy attitude. There are many reasons why we could be tempted to be unhappy. I can name quite a few as I'm sure you could too!  One thing I do know is this: You do not just wake up one day and decide you are going to have a bad day, at least you shouldn' more click link


It’s Time To Get Your Happy Back!

In her newest book, Thank You For The Ice Cream, Mari Benning talks about the harsh reality that she had to deal with in order to live an authentically happy life. Although being an outgoing, funny, lovable, inspiring and entertaining person there was something below the surface causing her anger, resentment, battles of depression and unhappiness, which she hid from people for years.

Thank You Book Pre-Order Link is Here!

Woohoo, the pre-order link is now LIVE! I am so #Happy and #Grateful that my book is getting closer to launch day and a sweet treat is going with it! the PRE-ORDERS are on sale!!!!!! That means you can PRE-ORDER your copy and as soon as it becomes available you will have it! CLICK HERE … Continue reading Thank You Book Pre-Order Link is Here!

Thankful Journey Day 1

What are you #Thankful for? I'm starting a grateful journey, to find something or things to be thankful for. So...Today was a challenging resolution day and I feel drained!!! Jesus... 😣😩 I mean, I was putting out fires all day and I ran out of water...figuratively speaking. My son asks me "how was your … Continue reading Thankful Journey Day 1

What Is Your Skin’s Age?

I saw a TV show on Dr Oz, of woman who were given a skincare analysis to determine their age based upon their skin. I thought it was interesting and wanted to try one myself, seeing how many people I took a skincare assessment for the fun of it to see how old it would say I look. To my surprise, it said I was 14 years younger than my actual age! Read More...

This “Gringa” Fell In Love With “Chocolate” and Created a Caramelized Legacy…

I believe rejection is the culprit in a lot of issues we deal with today, especially racism. It is also a root of envy, murder, anger, mental health challenges, depression, suicide, the drug epidemic, oppression and the like. I used music, relationships and drugs as an outlet to try and cope with rejection. For some, … Continue reading This “Gringa” Fell In Love With “Chocolate” and Created a Caramelized Legacy…

Competition or Creation?

We are taught all our life to be competitive instead of being creative. I was never the competitive type; People must be taught to become rich by creation, not competition. Every person who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him the ladder by which he rises and keeps others down; but every person who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him and inspires them to do so. 

I needed to forgive people that have hurt me…

I was rushed to the emergency room bowed over from excruciating pain.  My stomach was contracting as if I was in labor with child.  I had no clue what was going on; but let me tell you, the pain was so intense, it woke me up out of my sleep and would not stop.  The doctors performed a sonogram and...

Don’t I deserve to be happy? 

I could not articulate what I was feeling in my heart at that moment.  You know that culmination of thoughts and emotions you’ve been holding on to until now.  Oh boy, the volcano was getting ready to erupt and my hubby was about to get burned up into ashes!