Learn How To Start Writing Your Book Today!

Join my Free 7-Day Book Writing Challenge! This FREE COURSE will help busy people like you, kick-start your book to become an Author! Come learn the tips and tricks on how to write a book even if you don’t know where to BEGIN.


We help aspiring authors and established authors define a clear, defined, and purposeful plan that will carry them through their book writing journey.


Experts in book publishing, from paperback copies to eBooks creation. We help craft an easy to follow, cutting-edge book publishing experience.


From developing a book idea to book creation, we empower our students with proven processes on how to navigate you through the publishing world to achieve personal success.


I took Mari B. one day class. She openly shared everything from the tools in her “toolbox”, to her routine as a writer and editor to the process of publishing a book. The same tools she used to write, edit and self publish six books.

I believe this 7 Day Challenge will take Writers to the Next Level in their craft. #challengeaccepted

Marlene Stotts, Procurement Manager


For years I had a strong desire to write, while just working on several pieces just for me. I cane across this challenge, not quite sure what to make of it. But Something leaped within me and I heard the words, ” its time!” the crazy thing as I started… I became soooo excited to finally prioritize and get organized!!!! I’m expectant. #challengeaccepted 

Colleen Wright, Mom Entrepreneur

Mari Benning


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Reach out so we can work together to write, publish and share your message with those who are waiting for you to release it!
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Stop procrastinating and get your book started today!


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