Who Is Mari B?

Mari B, aka Marysol Benning, wears many hats. From Businesswoman, Author, Speaker, Singer, Songwriter, Motivator, Coach, and more…

Aside from her many talents, it’s definitely by design that Mari B.’s, single is entitled “Dream.” Since the tender age of three, this dynamic and charismatic bundle of personality has been belting out songs. By the time she was eleven, she had graduated to penning her own lyrics, poems and short stories, and it wasn’t long after, that her church was forced to stand up and take notice by making her the youngest member of their choir. Born to a Christian family in Buffalo, New York, Mari B. grew up the eldest of four siblings. But like many adolescents, Mari B. could not escape the rebellious tentacles of her teenage years.

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By the time she was sixteen, Mari B. driven by a desire to be successful by the standards of the world had become estranged from her family, as well as the spirituality that had nurtured and encouraged her early discovered gift with the choir in the very church where she sang as a child. Undaunted by the perils of her teenage years, however, Mari B. sought redemption and solace in the relentless power of music and writing by documenting her experiences in a series of unforgettable and inspirational songs and books.

The result is a couple of heart-wrenching

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ballads, some funky Hip-Hop inspired grooves, as well as some prolific and inspiring book publications. By her own admission, Mari B’s renewed relationship with her spiritual roots was instrumental in reshaping her life, her music as well as her writing. In 1999 she relocated to Florida, where she soon joined RWCCI church. While there, through much soul searching, and to her surprise, she was afforded the distinction of singing as a worship leader.


Mari Benning, began her love of writing in elementary school where she expressed herself through journaling, songwriting, poems, and short stories, a gift encouraged by her mother. But her writing soon came to a halt when her words were no longer expressive but condemning. She burned her writings vowing to never write again. Now gleaming with light, she posts her writings in the hallways of darkness as rays of hope to free others who long to break free.

Currently residing in The Treasure Coast of Central Florida with her husband, Jay Benning, and their four beautiful children.

What’s Next for Mari B?

Mari B. continues to pursue her passions in writing with her uplifting literary works, along with her new Company, Mari B Cosmetics, Inc, which is centered on empowering women inside and out.  Now the world will get to experience the evolution of Mari B. 

Check out her author page for more books by Mari Benning. CLICK HERE!

Send Mari B A Message Below. She’d Love to hear from you!


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