I Want It Now!!!

In the age of instant selfies and social media, the I want it Now mentality. It’s important not to get lost in the distractions or the trials. Stay true to who you are and what you believe.

You may feel like you’re not moving forward, but know that you’re NOT stuck you’re in development. Don’t allow yourself to be tossed around by every shiny gem you see. By every opportunity that seems good because your idea is taking too long. Don’t hang out in the valley of indecision, doubting what you carry…

When developing a negative, it needs time in the darkroom. Needs to be processed from an invisible image produced by the exposure to light into a visible one, this transformation causes the image to become permanent and now it is not sensitive to light exposure. It won’t be changed into something it’s not when fame and fortune arise.

But if your invisible image, your promise from God, your dream, your goal, your heart, becomes exposed to the light too soon it will be distorted and not fully developed and no one will be able to glean from the beautiful image it was meant to be.

So hold on to it! Cultivate patience, love and hope so that you will become the beautiful image God created! 🦋❤🙏😘


Published by Mari Benning

I love writing and sharing a day in the life of an ex stay-at-home mom...ME. :) I have found a new passion- BLOGGING and loving it! I should've started a long time ago! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing. Blessings!

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